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Promotional Information and Requirements

Please contact us if you can’t find the answers to your questions regarding your requirements.

Do you provide a quote?

Looking Smart will get a quote to you within two days.

How long until work can start?

Work can commence within a week of the quote being accepted.

How long for delivery?

From APPROVAL two weeks, although urgent jobs can be quicker. We are happy to discuss.

Do you provide samples?

Yes. Absolutely.

What happens if I am not happy?

All work is guaranteed – your approval is needed before shipping.

Is there a fee for set up?

Yes, once only fee, starting at $25.00 and up to $200.00 depending on the complexity of the design and if there is more than one design for the job.

What influences the cost of the job?

The size and complexity of picture influence the number of colours and stitches. This is will influence the final cost. Garment prices vary depending on quantity and quality.

Can you help with design?


What do I have to provide you with?

For logos, eps file is best. If you only have jpg, must be a minimum of 300dpi . Please call if still unsure.

How many colours can I have in my logo?

15 colours for embroidery. Unlimited in digital printing. We will help you through this. Remember the more colours can increase the cost.

What fonts are there to choose from?

The type of logo and size will determine what are the most appropriate fonts therefore it’s best to discuss this with us.

What is the minimum order?

Just one.

Still need more answers? CALL 03 5256 3788 OR EMAIL hello@lookingsmart.com.au

The team at Looking Smart work closely with you to understand your needs and wishes.